Friday, May 10, 2013

Distasteful Ways of Using Social Media for Wedding Planning

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We all agree social media has its pros and cons and there are a number of good ways of incorporating it in your wedding planning. However, there are certain things we tend to overlook while using social media to help in planning weddings.

  • Relationship Status: Changing your relationship status without informing close family and friends. When you change your relationship status from single to engaged, it goes viral. Everyone on your friend’s list start posting congratulatory messages. No one in your family knows you are engaged until they found out on Facebook. Before updating your relationship status or tweeting about your intriguing proposal story, announce to close family and friends know first. It shows they are dear to you.
  • Invitations: Creating a Facebook event with public privacy settings. You created a wedding event on Facebook; you set the privacy to public or friend of guests and allowed the invited guests to also invite friends. If you want an intimate wedding with friends and family members who matter in attendance, ensure the guests you have invited via the created event are unable to invite others and privacy set to invited only. As such, you can manage your guest list also.
  • Paperless Invites: Assuming everyone has bought into the social media craze. Your peers may not find a Facebook invite as rude, but what about older friends? Not all your potential guests have Facebook or Twitter accounts; not everyone checks their email inbox. Combining paperless invites with traditional paper invitations would communicate to those on the other side of the divide you are mindful of them
  • Photo Sharing: Sharing your wedding photos and videos publicly. Many couples want the whole world to know they are now married. Even guests and bridal party would like to share photos of weddings they have been a part of. To avoid hurt feelings, create a group (closed group) where only those at the event get to see the photos and videos. And if people really want to see the hundreds of wedding photos, that’s what traditional albums are for.
  • Opinion Poll: Posting a picture of your tux, ring or bouquet and asking people to vote. We are glad you are getting married but it’s not our business what ring or dress you choose. Don’t bore us with such pictures on Instagram. No one is interested in the specifics (dress length, silhouette, and neckline); don’t be deceived into believing everyone is actually happy you are getting hitched.
  • Bridezilla/Groomzilla: Venting about wedding planning issues. When you are encumbered with wedding planning matters, Facebook isn’t the place to vent neither is twitter a place to ask for advice. There are wedding planning forums where you can rant and rave about your groomsmen not being supportive or your FFIL who is overbearing.
  • Profile Photo: Using your wedding picture as profile photo for ages. Now you are married; we now know. Can you please change your profile or cover photo to something else? Seeing your wedding picture for so long makes it seem like the only most important thing that has ever happened to you till date is your wedding. Life goes on after your beautiful wedding.

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  1. Lol i do agree with some of them but defintely not all. The facebook public event and opinion poll def made me giggle. Lol



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