Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ways Wedding Guests can Ruin a Wedding

Wedding guests add fun and make a wedding enjoyable. As a guest, be mindful of what you do. Are you going to a wedding this weekend? Here are a few bad wedding guest behaviours you may indulge in without even knowing it. 
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  • Wearing White: Unless you are planning to usurp the bride or draw attention away from her to yourself, wearing white is a no-no. It is not appropriate. It is justifiable if the couple requests the guests to wear white. Anyway, no matter how much you try, you cannot outshine a bride whose face is glowing beautifully and shinning with love. 
  • Bringing Plus Ones: While the wedding invite doesn’t spell out that you can bring additional guests, why should you? And part two of this, if you are not invited to a wedding, sit at home. On the whole, except you are sure the couple wouldn’t mind.
  • Speaking up During the Ceremony: ‘If you know of any reason why these two should NOT be joined together in holy matrimony, speak now, or forever hold your peace’. Then, a guest stands up… (To do what?!). The bride faints or the groom runs out of the ceremony. If you have anything to say against the marriage of the couple, keep it to yourself. If it is however necessary to speak, do so before the day or in private.
  • Making Requests of the Wedding Band or DJ: The couple would have invested some good money in the Band; a list of wedding songs to be played handed out. You didn’t pay for the band;’ it’s impolite to dictate what is played. And even if a particular song you do not like is on, just dance along.
  • Kids touching or tasting the Cake: Kids love cakes and are even more attracted to beautiful wedding cakes. Prevent kids from running around the cake table. If you take your eyes off, a kid might just touch the cake, mess things up and run off. Parents who bring kids to weddings should also take responsibility for looking after them. You can incorporate games that would interest kids and keep them busy.
  • Taking over the Wedding: We know you are a very good friend of the couple or the family. Don’t take over by becoming a server, a waiter or a wedding coordinator when you are not asked to. If need be, the couple would have hired a wedding planner or fair enough, a day-of coordinator. It’s crazy to see “respectable” guests handing out orders to a vendor at a wedding. Of course, there are situations where you may need to help bring back sanity and decorum. If you are not asked to help, pocket your help.
  • Expecting Special Wedding Food: If you are on a special diet or have dietary restrictions due to a certain medical condition or personal choice, I would advise you to eat before leaving home. If you are expecting to be treated to a special meal that matches your dietary tolerance, you are kidding me, right?
  • Don’t Complain to the Bride/Groom: It’s so annoying when a guest is not served food and walks up to the couple on the high table. I’m not kidding you! If you have any issues, even their immediate family isn’t the best to report to as you might cause some tension or anxiety. It’s better to keep mum. And even after the wedding, don’t mention to the couple or their parents that you didn’t eat at the wedding or were not given souvenirs. It is embarrassing. Please don’t. Let it go.
  • Getting Drunk at the Reception: Some couples do not serve alcohol at their wedding reception, probably, due to their religious inclinations. However, when alcohol is served at a wedding, you are not at liberty to drink to stupor. A drunken guest may start blabbing and even cause mayhem. And if you know you are an alcohol junkie, respect yourself.  

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